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Total Plant Deactivation®

TPD® is a customized program designed to recover the most money from a shut down of a manufacturing plant, all while managing the other services involved in the project.


Power Plant Decommissioning®

PPD® is a customized program designed to manage the closing of a power plant facility, while recovering the most value from its assets–a turnkey solution!


Total Mine Decommissioning®

TMD® is a customized program designed to recover the most money from the assets left from mines. The division also manages asset recovery for heavy construction equipment.


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SBMA has Recovered Over $1 Billion for its Clients!

Stuart B. Millner & Associates (SBMA) specializes in the appraising, marketing, liquidating, and auctioning of assets from industrial facilities, power plants, and mines.

Since 1981, SBMA has excelled in the industrial asset management business, recovering over $1 billion for its clients through its customized programs for shutting down plants (TPD®, PPD®, and TMD®). Those clients range from small machine shop owners to Fortune 500 companies.


What Makes Us Unique?

Our flexibility and turn-key solutions. We customize each project with a combination of services that work best for that particular client. Plus, we have the resources to manage and execute the entire project fast–from a full plant to an empty one!


What We Believe

Our greatest asset, and the key to our success, is our people. We believe that each of us needs a sense of dignity, pride and satisfaction in what we do.

Because satisfying our clients and customers depends on the united efforts of many, we are most effective when we work together cooperatively, respecting each other’s contribution and importance.


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