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Total Plant Deactivation®


SBMA is the developer and exclusive provider of Total Plant Deactivation (TPD®), a customized program to manage your plant closing from start to finish. Our expert team evaluates your needs through a unique “turnkey” approach and determines which of our services will unlock the true recovery potential of your specific project. Whether you’re the owner of a small machine shop or the project manager for a Fortune 500 company, TPD® will work for you!


TPD’s Four-Step Process will maximize the value of your assets, while minimizing the cost of closing your plant.

Step 1: Sale of machinery, tooling, manufacturing/office equipment, furniture and supplies. This is accomplished through negotiated sales and auctions.

Step 2: The remarketing of work-in-process (WIP), finished goods and raw materials. Product line and specialized machinery and equipment would also be sold.

Step 3: The sale of recoverable metals and the recovery of electrical components.

Step 4: Completion of the process, leaving the facility completely empty and ready to be remarketed.



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What Makes Our TPD® Program Unique?

Our flexibility and turn-key solutions. We customize each project with a combination of services that work best for that particular client. Plus, we have the resources to manage and execute the entire project fast–from a full plant to an empty one!

When Might You Need a Total Plant Deactivation®?
Our President/CEO, Stuart Millner, illustrates a common scenario in this blog post.

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Our menu of TPD Services includes:


APPRAISALSCertified Appraisals
SBMA professionals appraise asset values for any type or size of manufacturing plant. We understand how to maximize recovery .
environmentalEnvironmental Controls
SBMA professionals evaluate the condition of each facility to assure the deactivation process continues to remain environmentally sound.
negotiatedNegotiated Liquidations
SBMA professionals use negotiated liquidation to afford users and equipment dealers the opportunity to purchase any item in lieu of public auctions, providing optimum revenue to our clients.
auctionsAuctions – Live and/or Online
SBMA professionals manage total auction coordination – from organization and cataloging to advertising and promotion, event execution through checkout procedures.
WIPRemarketing Work-in-Process
SBMA professionals can help you remarket and sell, work-in-process (WIP), finished goods and raw materials, including product parts.
productionlinesSale of Production Lines
SBMA professionals can help you manage the sale of entire production lines, including all hardware software and intellectual properties. These products are best sold to qualified buyers on a negotiated basis, not through auction sales.
metalsSale of Recoverable Metals
SBMA professionals can assist with the recovery of all ferrous and nonferrous metals (usable and scrap) for resale.
electricalRecovery of Electrical Components
SBMA professionals can identify, recover and sell “hidden” assets including entire electrical systems, electrical switch gear, transformers and wiring to increase overall sale value.
realestateSale of Real Estate
SBMA professionals can broker industrial and commercial real estate through negotiated sales or auctions.
riskRisk Management
SBMA professionals protect every client by providing risk management services including comprehensive and liability insurance, licenses, workman’s compensation programs, and tax collection. With SBMA, your compliance with all local, state and national regulations is guaranteed.
demolitionDemolition (Plant De-Construction)
SBMA manages this as a direct billed outsource charge to our clients. SBMA offers a worldwide system of expert affiliates to handle any size job, including full plant, partial or selective demolitions.